Peace on Fire ☮️ 🔥

“I hear the fallen singing” 🔥

Peace on Fire ☮️ 🔥

A timely refrain as bodies continue to be cast aside by a mob of violence and privilege.

“Insurrection”? Ha!

A well planned and supported coup, is more apt. One writer called it the march of a thousand unwashed legs, another called it 12/37/2020. I call it theater, a badly written comedic play in four acts by a spoiled King to which no one dares say “no”. Wednesday was Act 2.

The gnarled and ashy hand of hate grips the minds of millions and gives them a squeeze every so often sending rage into the air.

We the people of the United States of America, in order to form a more perfect union hereby declare you fired.

Exit stage left.

Wellness Tip of the Day

Good morning! It’s #WellnessWednesday everyday here but today we I get to say it!

My purpose is to help people achieve an overall sense of wellbeing through the small and practical changes that can be made right away! Small changes can make a huge impact.

Here’s my #WellnessTipoftheDay

Be #Encouraged!

It’s a mantra that’s recited so frequently that it’s become common practice to hear it and have it’s power taken for granted. But what does it really mean? Not to be confused with praising being encouraged means the self-examination of all that you are worthy of either spoken or unspoken and being inspired to action.

One quick way of evaluating first thing in the morning is to ask yourself what inspires you. What excites you to do your best at whatever it is that you are striving for? The answer to that question is all important and could take some time to completely grasp a clear vision of it’s true meaning. A great next step is to write your goals down and read them daily and don’t be afraid to adjust course as you progress along your path. Don’t take for granted how you feel during these moments. Paying close attention to what comes up for you can be indicators of when and how you need to make course corrections if needed.

Here’s a few things you’ll need on your journey:

A trusted confidant: To check in with periodically. This can be as formal or informal as you need.

A sturdy journal: To write down ideas and changes in your goals as well as reminders of certain tasks.

Patience: With yourself and those around you even when things are not going as planned.

Being armed with these tools and utilizing them often will help you stay centered and encouraged along your path.

Have a productive day on purpose.

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Wellness Tip of the Day

Good morning!

It’s #ElectionDay here in the US and there’s a lot at stake as always. This years vibe has been a bit more sinister, so let’s talk about it.

Here’s my #WellnessTipoftheDay

Acknowledge your concerns directly.

Some may worry about the possible outcomes of today’s election and as a responsible citizen it’s appropriate to take an active interest. But it’s stressful and the feeling of being out of control may arise and that’s also normal.

It may be taken for granted that everyone is feeling this way with different levels of intensity and feeling different levels of strain. Here’s what I’d like you to try. Imagine that what you’re concerned about is in a photograph. In your mind, hold that photograph up to eye level and examine it, without judgement and attempt to remove yourself from the outcome. Now, take that photograph and discard it, not with anger or frustration, just toss it as if it were an empty gum wrapper. Now go back to what it was that you were doing before you felt strain associated with what was on that photograph. It’s ok to have to do this multiple times a day. This is about lowering the intensity of your emotions around your current situation. With practice, this can help you make clearer decisions and be less distracted as you go through your day.

I hope this helps someone. Please feel free to share your experience.

Have a great day on purpose.

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Wellness Tip of the Day

Good morning! We greet #Monday again with a smile and great expectations! But I know they can be daunting.

My goal is to help people achieve an overall feeling of wellbeing through small practical changes that can have an huge impact.

Here’s my #WellnessTipoftheDay

Enjoy a well crafted, hot drink.

As a quick exercise in mindfulness prepare your drink, preferably something with a distinctive aroma like quality #coffee or #teas that can be made, by you, at home. Take your time paying attention to each step in your preparation. What cup did you choose? Did you choose tap water or bottled? What sounds do you hear? What do you remember?

Enjoy your drink by playing a game to examine what each aroma reminds you of other than it’s flavor. Are you transported to a specific place in time as you inhale the heat from your cup? Does it make you happy? Sad? Does it stir your #creativity?

Take about fifteen minutes with this and decide if you want to make it a routine. Set your pace for the day. Journal about what comes up and share it with a trusted person in your life.

Let me know if you participate in this exercise. I’d love to hear about your experience.

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Have a #prosperous day on purpose.

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Welcome to Wellness Tip of the Day

Happy #SelfcareSunday

Welcome! It’s a gorgeous, cold, and rainy day in my part of the world and this weather makes me think of soups, stews and chili!

I help people achieve an overall sense of wellbeing by making small, practical changes that can be implemented right away! Small changes can have a huge impact.

Here is my #WellnessTipoftheDay

Grow your own herbs!

Yesterday we talked about having live plants in your space and how healing it can be to bring a piece of nature into your home. Today let’s talk #freshherbs!

#Basil, #lemongrass, peppermint, #sage, the list goes on! At a nominal cost for supplies, patience, and some good ole TLC, you can have fresh herbs for medicinal purposes or, cooking all year around. Like Peppermint. Amazingly fragrant and one of the aromas that remind me most of Winter. You have not had peppermint tea if you were not using fresh peppermint leaves.

Historically it has been used to treat gastrointestinal issues. More recently, studies have shown that it can relieve nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy. And has been used to treat headaches and migraines. As a natural antibiotic it destroys bacteria that lives in the mouth, freshening your breath and keeping your teeth healthy. Grow it in it’s own container as it tends to take over your space.

Lemon grass, a sweet pungent aroma, is used frequently in Thai cuisine and grown on four different continents. Used to treat neurological issues, high blood pressure, pain and fever. It makes amazing soap. This herb is best grown in tropical climates.

Sage! One of my favorites in soups, chili and other slow-cooker meals. A little goes a long way with this strong flavor and aroma. It’s high in vitamin K and contains magnesium, zinc and copper which all create an effective antioxidant that fights free radical molecules which damage human cells which can lead to cancer. Burning the dried leaf is a spiritual practice of clearing negative energies from the air.

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