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Peace on Fire ☮️ 🔥

“I hear the fallen singing” 🔥

Peace on Fire ☮️ 🔥

A timely refrain as bodies continue to be cast aside by a mob of violence and privilege.

“Insurrection”? Ha!

A well planned and supported coup, is more apt. One writer called it the march of a thousand unwashed legs, another called it 12/37/2020. I call it theater, a badly written comedic play in four acts by a spoiled King to which no one dares say “no”. Wednesday was Act 2.

The gnarled and ashy hand of hate grips the minds of millions and gives them a squeeze every so often sending rage into the air.

We the people of the United States of America, in order to form a more perfect union hereby declare you fired.

Exit stage left.

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